Pierpoint Irish Wolfhounds - Jelling, Denmark

King of Hounds, Hounds of Kings - From the Old Kingdom of Jelling

King of hounds, hounds of kings - from the old kingdom of Jelling.  The residents of Pierpoint Irish Wolfhounds.

In the tenth century,  the kings Gorm the Old and Harold Bluetooth created a monument that is unique in the Nordic context.

Gorm the Old's rune stone links the royal couple Gorm and Thyra to a kingdom called Denmark. The story continues on Harold Bluetooth's rune stone, which describes a central event in the history of Denmark: the King's acceptance of Christianity on behalf of his whole people. For that reason the stone is often called "Denmark's Certificate of Baptism".

The oldest feature is the remains of a huge ship-shaped stone circle - then came the rune stones and the mounds.

The runestone shows both the midgard serpent and christ on the cross. And this is what you se in the design of this website.


Latest News from Pierpoint Irish Wolfhounds

Puppies born 17.6.2015 at Pierpoint.

June 27, 2015

Den 17.6.2015 fødte Tullemor 7 hvalpe, 2 døde. Tilbage er 4 hanner og 1 tæve. 2 hannerne sælges 2 hanner er afsat. Tæven bliver hos mig. Se mere om de dejlige hvalpe på facebook under Pierpoint Irish Wolfhounds eller kontakt mig chrissand@adslhome.dk 0045 23661410. Puppies born at Pierpoint - 4 males and 1 bitch - most of them Black. The bitch is staying. 2 males is avalible. Se more under Facebook: Pierpoint Irish Wolfhounds.

Facebooksite Pierpoint Irish Wolfhounds

November 14, 2014

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